TAIS Application in Corporate Settings

TAIS Application in Corporate Settings

Leadership Development and Performance Coaching

Winning Mind Leadership Programs prioritize focus, confidence, commitment and adaptability in high-pressure settings. Our systematic assessment of individual and team attentional and interpersonal characteristics help identify developmental targets. Winning Mind Performance Coaching provides the insight and support necessary to take performance to the next level.

Building High Performance Teams

Team members who know themselves and understand one another have a much better chance of achieving collective success. Successful teams need the right people in the right places and must have the requisite trust and commitment in place in order to get the job done well. Winning Mind Team Programs typically include a comprehensive organizational review, in-depth individual profiling, feedback and team performance program sessions.

Identifying, Selecting and Retaining Effective Performers

Winning Mind helps organizations improve selection, hiring and succession-planning efforts. TAIS results, operational job descriptions, interview information, and performance data are brought together to create a comprehensive picture of “position:job fit.” Mission Profiling™ is a breakthrough process by which optimal, job-specific, performance profiles are generated and then used as benchmarks for comparison. Armed with this information, organizations can make better personnel decisions and take the necessary steps to retain and advance high-performers.

Reality-Based Training

The Winning Mind model for performance under pressure is ideally suited to experiential learning settings. Organizations looking to enhance existing experiential programs or design customized reality-based training should inquire about integration options.

Many powerful training metaphors can be applied to enable senior managers to reach their full potential and re-evaluate their responsibilities for creating rewarding, high performance corporate cultures. One excellent example of this is the “Redline” Program. Designed jointly by Winning Mind and Williams Gerard Productions, the program invites senior executives to convene at a world-class Skip Barber Racing School for first-hand experience with competitive driving techniques in Formula racecars. Throughout the program, driving becomes a metaphor for moving one’s self and one’s company forward. Current habits often must be “unlearned” and replaced by strategies to increase speed without sacrificing quality results. Winning Mind professionals participate in the program by guiding discussions and evaluating TAIS inventories prior to the driving exercises. The data serves as a basis for predicting how the executives will perform on the track and, hence, how they might typically respond to the pressures of fast-paced, competitive business environments.

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TAIS Application in Corporate Settings