Factors Measured By TAIS

Factors Measured By TAIS

TAIS measures 20 different psychological factors:  6 Attentional Factors and 14 Interpersonal Factors. A short description is listed with each factor below:

Attentional Factors

Awareness – measure of the individual’s “street sense”, ability to react quickly and instinctively to things going on around him/her, and sensitivity to the environment and to the non-verbal (emotional) messages people often send.

External Distractibility – measure of the individual’s tendency to become distracted by task irrelevant things going on in the environment.

Analysis/Conceptual – measure of the individual’s ability to plan, to think strategically, to anticipate the consequences of various courses of action, and to problem solve.

Internal Distractibility – measure of the tendency for the person to become distracted by thoughts and/or feelings.

Action/Focused – measure of the individual’s tolerance for engaging in repetitive behavior, and for attending to details.

Reduced Flexibility – Measure of the tendency to either become too focused internally, or externally. Performance mistakes are made because the person fails to make needed shifts in their focus of attention.

Interpersonal Factors

Information Processing – Measure of the individual’s need for and enjoyment of change as well as an indication of their ability to cope with shifting priorities and a relative lack of structure.

Orientation Towards Rules and Risk – Measure of the individual’s flexibility and/or willingness to think outside of the box and bend the rules at times.

Control – Measure of the person’s willingness to take the initiative, take comfort in, and need for a leadership role.

Self-Confidence – Measure of the individual’s feelings of confidence and self-worth across a variety of performance settings.

Physical Competitiveness – Measure of the individual’s enjoyment of competitive physical activity.

Decision-Making Style – Measure of the extent to which an individual is likely to “obsess” and/or overanalyze situations before making a decision.

Extroversion – Measure of the comfort and need an individual has for socializing and/or being actively involved with others.

Introversion – Measure of the individual’s enjoyment of working alone, and need for, personal space and privacy.

Expression of Ideas – Measure of the individual’s comfort with the expression of ideas, and with having thought processes challenged.

Expression of Criticism and Anger – Measure of the willingness and comfort of the person when it comes to expressing feelings of anger and frustration and disappointment, to confront and challenge others.

Expression of Support and Affection – Measure of the level of comfort the individual has along with his/her willingness to express positive feelings and support for others.

Self-Critical – Measure of the individual’s current level of self-doubt.

Focus Over Time – Measure of the individual’s willingness to make long-term sacrifices in various areas of his/her life for the sake of accomplishing specific goals or objectives.

Performance Under Pressure – Measure of the individual’s comfort in, and willingness to assume a leadership role in high-pressure situations.

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