Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) Fact Sheet

Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) Fact Sheet


AME is an innovative Web-based program designed to provide athletes with detailed mental toughness assessment and training strategies to help them perform better in competitive, pressure-filled situations. Critical performance factors include focus, confidence, discipline and leadership.  AME is based on the internationally respected and widely used TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style) test, which was developed by Dr. Robert Nideffer in 1976. Every athlete, from the high profile professional to the weekend warrior, can now Perform Under PressureÔ by participating in the program and comparing their results with top athletes in various sports.

WHO can use AME?

Any recreational, amateur or professional athlete interested in performing at their fullest potential.

Coaches at any level interested in getting maximum effort out of their players.

Parents who want to help their sons or daughters to focus on success.

HOW does AME work?

Participants answer an easy-to-understand on-line inventory that measures attentional strengths and weaknesses, decision-making style and interpersonal preference.  Based on TAIS technology, AME provides a direct link between concentration, personality characteristics and performance.  AME provides a detailed diagnosis of the individual athlete and provides vital feedback that teaches users how to better concentrate and focus their minds in pressure-filled sports scenarios.  Aside from on-line instruction, users can take advantage of a team of leading sport psychology professionals that offer personalized face-to-face evaluation and assistance for athletes and teams.

WHERE does AME draw its information from?

Winning Mind has collected over 25 years of TAIS data from comparison groups including Olympians, professional athletes, coaches, high-level amateur athletes, military leaders, business executives and sales managers. AME comparison groups include MLB 1st Round Draft Picks, NBA players, coaches, NCAA football players, elite and amateur golfers, Olympic basketball, hockey, skiing, cycling and volleyball athletes and tennis pros.

WHEN can athletes take the AME test?

Since AME is Web-based, users can access the test anywhere and at any time on the Internet.  Interested users can contact Winning Mind to arrange a testing session.


Major League Baseball (MLB): Pittsburgh Pirates, Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays

English Premier League (EPL): Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC

National Hockey League (NHL): New York Rangers, Nashville Predators

National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Italian Olympic and World Cup Soccer Teams, the Australian Institute for Sport, Centre d’Alt Rediment in Barcelona, Coaching Association of Canada, The Athletics Congress, US Skiing, South African Tennis Union, Harvard University, University of Oregon Medical, Boston Ballet, Boston University, San Diego State University, University of Rochester, University of Alberta, Rhodes University, Performax, Polish Olympic Committee, and thousands of recreational and amateur athletes around the world!

Sample Test Items

“I am more concerned about details and take more time to polish and perfect my skills than most people I know.”

“I am more capable of staying focused on the game in pressure situations than most people I know.”

“Other people in my life have to accept the fact that my education, my sport, or my career comes first.”

“Others would describe me as a person who performs extremely well under pressure.”

“I compete with myself physically.”

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